Comprehensive Course Dates:

  • Modules 1 – 4 : January 25-28, 2024

  • Modules 5 – 8 : February 22-25, 2024
  • Modules 9 – 12 : April 25-28, 2023

The Comprehensive Global Program includes the Mat Program as well as a thorough and complete education in Pilates covering the full range of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ped-a-pull, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel and various other Auxiliary apparatus).

More than simply a program of study, the Comprehensive Global Program is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates. This is a college-level teacher training program that give students knowledge of Pilates theory, exercises, and teaching skills on all Pilates equipment.

When you complete BASI’s Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, you will have graduated from the most rigorous, exciting, and positively life-changing Pilates teacher training in the business. You may test for a BASI Pilates Comprehensive teaching certification and you will be eligible to take the PMA Pilates Certification exam.

This program consists of 12 modules, which is comprised of 72 hours of lecture, discussion, and exercise analysis and practice.
Upon completion of the course, you will be qualified to:

•Work according to the principles of Pilates and introduce these tenets to clients and students

•Assess posture and posture types, as well as detect postural deviations

•Solve problems and provide effective exercise solutions for many physical conditions

•Compile comprehensive and safe Pilates programs, tailored to individual needs

•Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer individual and group sessions

•Analyze and understand the Pilates exercises, based on anatomical and biomechanical principles

•Demonstrate at a high level the vast repertoire of classic Pilates exercises, as well as a wide range of original BASI exercises

•Use the full line of major Pilates apparatus, including the revolutionary Avalon System®*

•Modify exercises according to the needs and goals of the individual

•Work with specific populations and be equipped to embark on BASI Advanced Education course

BASI Comprehensive Global Format (CGF) Certificate Requirements
Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.
Visiting Faculties are Female Only
*All fees are in U.S. Dollars and payments are made directly to BASI online

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