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Sol Pilates Studio is, for the first time, hosting the Stark Body Flying® Teacher Training program in Dubai.

Stark Body Flying® is an international company from 2008, that provides top-level education for instructors in the BodyFlying ® method, from foundation to higher-level courses.

The founder and creator of the BodyFlying® method is Antonella Faleschini.

This new and unique training system nowadays features a series of movements, routines and choreographies, all listed and collated, for endless workouts. Its development has taken place at STARK BodyFlying Head Office in Alessandria (Italy) and the courses are taught all over the world.

Antonella in collaboration with the master trainers created new courses and since then they are offering the below courses:

  • Bodyflying Classic®
  • Bodyflying Pilates®
  • Bodyflying Yoga®
  • Bodyflying kids®
  • Bodyflying Danza®
  • Bodyflying Acrobatica®
  • Bodyflying Functional®

Story of Stark Body Flying:

Antonella Faleschini, the creator of the method STARK Body Flying®, began to develop her ideas in 2008. Forever addicted to gymnastics, an adventure that she started when she was four and she continued by practising artistic gymnastics, remaining in the competitive team till nineteen years of age. Since then, she moved on to other sports, like synchronised swimming, dance and Pilates. She has always been practising yoga and relaxation therapies.

Her studies and her practice were the key factors in the development of the Stark Body Flying®method.

Trying to satisfy the needs of clients in a fitness world that continuously evolves, the Stark Body Flying® technique originates from the fusion of basic principles taken from pilates, yoga, artistic gymnastics and stretching, to which two other elements are added: bodyweight and gravitational resistance.

Specific integrated training can be obtained, developing strength, power and resilience, coordination and flexibility. The freedom of moving the body in space coupled with inversion exercises will help to rejuvenate the spine, relax your muscles and promote vitality.

Why choose the method Stark Body Flying®?

Stark Body Flying is an innovative training, dynamic and fun.

As a method, it is particularly suitable for fitness centres, spas and personal training. Easy to understand from a trainer and a practitioner perspective. Plus:

  • easy to amplify the repertoire within the courses offered
  • it teaches you to work progressively at different levels of difficulty with
    perceived results from the first few lessons
  • it will add to your working place the element of fun

There is no age or ability limit. It can be practised by beginners who want to try free body movement and to discover their enthusiasm for this method. It can help athletes who want to improve their performance, developing strength, mobility, muscle tone and resilience. This method can also be of value to professional athletes who want to diversify and improve their daily workouts, improving balance and concentration needed when competing.

With the completion of the teacher training course, you will be qualified to:

  • Teach Stark Body Flying ® Method according to the five principles.
  • Work in semi-suspension and suspension.
  • Teach basic, intermediate and advanced exercise and routines.
  • Adapt a class for different levels and provide modification for physical
  • Teach a private or group lesson.
  • Adapt the exercises for different students age or physical conditions.
  • Analyze the focus of Stark Body exercises, based on anatomical and postural
    biomechanical principles

Course Schedule Stark Body Flying Classic

The course consists of two days of professional training, which will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of Body Flying® this innovative training technique in suspension.

Program Day 1:

  • Body Flying® STARK – The Method
  • Principles and general criteria
  • The centre of gravity
  • Techniques of partial/total suspension
  • Techniques of partial inversion
  • Relaxation and decompression of the spine
  • STARK Body Flying®: Workout
  • Preparation for work in suspension
  • STARK Body Flying® in presence of functional limitations

Program Day 2:

  • Principles and general and specific criteria
  • Stability – Posture
  • Techniques of full suspension
  • Techniques of total inversion
  • Inversion techniques: benefits, indications, contraindications and limits
  • STARK Body Flying®: workout
  • Selection criteria: anatomical, functional and physiological
  • Preparation and execution
  • Isometric contraction, eccentric, lengthening global active
  • STARK Body Flying® the presence of functional limitations

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