Pre and Post Natal Reformer

Pre and Post Natal Reformer

Are you expecting a baby?

For the expecting mothers these classes will help support the natural journey of your changing bodies whilst also maintaining strength and alleviating any aches and pains throughout your pregnancy. As your ligaments loosen and your body changes to prepare for birth, you will work to ensure the health of your core, body and mind without overstraining it.

*For women in the 1st trimester, we ask that you seek clearance from your doctor before joining our classes.

Did you just have a baby?

In this class you will be able to reconnect to your body to gently rebuilt your strength, redevelop your core, strengthen your upper body to maintain or improve a good posture.

*Before attending our classes please see clearance from your doctor to make sure your body is ready for exercise.

Class Duration: 55 minutes