Roxanna is a Teacher and forever Yoga Student.
Roxanna’s life’s journey started ten years ago when she suffered a severe back injury on her lumbar spine and she discovered Yoga, as a means to escape a complicated surgery. Slowly, from just being her physical practice, Yoga became a new way of life.
This love for Yoga finally translated with her finishing 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, registered with Yoga Alliance in 2018.
After living in China for many years, she became passionate about Yin Yoga and other energy work practices. Which is why she received her certification in Yin Yoga and 2nd degree Reiki Healing. In addition she is continuously expanding her wellbeing knowledge through Qigong, Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as deepening her understanding of Human Anatomy through Yoga Therapy.
Her hobbies are reading inspirational books, dancing and spending time in nature with her son and “sun”.
Her wish is to share her experience with others. She hope that her story will bring some relief to others as well, especially in these times when most people suffer from various back problems. Aside from a physical perspective, she does believe Yoga is a wonderful tool that can bring some comfort and meaning in these difficult times.