Maryliz discovered her passion for movement from an early age and that soon led her to the ballet class. This passion was taken further into the study of dance through a degree (Surrey University, UK) where she came across with Pilates. She really quickly realized that it was the only method that taught her how to train the body with a deep understanding and respect. She then went on to study MA Arts Criticism and Management (City University, UK) and soon after she got involved in the arts management and public relations world. Having missed working on her body and feeling the need to help people change their bodies and lives, her decision to train in Pilates was a natural consequence. Maryliz went on to study the art of Pilates first at the Pilates Institute in London, then with Maro Stogiannidou in Greece and Alan Herdman in London. Her continuous curiosity about the body and brain led her to courses that she completed subsequently in Neuropilates with Bodyhack and the most recent being the BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training.

She is a fully Pilates certified instructor and has been teaching since 2005. Her aim is to inspire people, help them come in contact with their body and to improve any issue that may be troubling them. There is nothing that pleases her more than seeing students understanding their body, making connections and feeling good about themselves and their achievements. Maryliz is the manager of SOL Pilates and the BASI Pilates Host Coordinator.