Since early age Anna had a zest for active life and being a student at sports academy she was exposed to a variety of sports disciplines starting with high jump, basketball and in more recent years taking up Capoeira. Anna’s journey with Pilates started after suffering a knee injury several years ago during her usual running routine. She took to practicing Pilates on a regular basis after having discovered the benefits of the method which helped her in her recovery. Soon a hobby turned into career and she completed her Comprehensive training at Body Art and Science International (BASI Pilates).

She loves to constantly evolve and challenge her abilities and she jumps at any opportunity to participate in workshops organized worldwide to get better at what she does. Observant, she likes to scrutinize every move. Her aim is to make your body work in a safe environment, challenge you by using variety of equipment and props and stimulate you to explore how far you can push your own boundaries.